Friday, 8 February 2013

Podcast: Newcastle Cinemas reacting to the proposed 100% cuts in funding by the City Council

Michael Pierce and Philip Wood have recently launched a new project, Cinema Nation, which is a "London-based research and development agency that supports, champions and encourages all forms of film exhibition in the UK and Ireland."

As part of this project, they'll be running a monthly radio show on Resonance FM, a great London-based radio, and they'll choose a different theme for each show.

 For their first show on Thu 31 January, they looked at the question of what "independent cinema" means today, for example in the light of the Cineworld/Picturehouse acquisition.

Newcastle City Council Funding Cuts

Also, they asked me to make a podcast about the proposition of the Newcastle City Council to cut funding in the arts by 100% by 2015/16, and more specifically to investigate how the Newcastle-based cinemas reacted to it.

 On 29 January 2013, I interviewed Mark Dobson, director of the Tyneside Cinema, Graeme Rigby, member of the Amber collective that runs the Side Cinema, and Ilana Mitchell, one of the founding volunteers of the Star & Shadow Cinema, and I asked them how the cuts were likely to affect them and how they felt about them.


You can also listen to the report that I made with these interviews on my soundcloud, here:

Cinema Nation Podcast

You can also listen to the whole Episode 1 of the podcast of Cinema Nation (about 55 minutes) on mixcloud here:

This podcast includes my report, but also includes interviews with Gabriel Swartland (Picturehouse Cinemas) and David Sin (Independent Cinema Office). The show is about what "independent cinema" means today and is hosted by Philip Wood and Michael Pierce. 

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